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Boardroom has been going through significant changes lately, impacted by disruption in the market, increasing expectations about the role board should play in strategy oversight, pressure on improving diversity etc. With an average director age being 60+ on S&P 500 boards, majority of which are already retired, there is a question on how current and fresh the existing board members are in order to effectively deal with all these pressing challenges.

KPMG Board Leadership Conference is an excellent way to remain up to speed with the hot topics in the boardroom as well as engage in confidential peer exchange with other directors. Conference happens once a year (alternating between East and West Coast) and gathers about 50-100 thought leaders in the board governance and leadership field, with about 200 independent/lead/executive directors and chairmen in the audience.

This year it was at the beautiful Ritz Carlton in the warm Orlando, Florida. We enjoyed high quality sessions packed with most recent insights and excellent expert panels, some of which are:

· Geopolitical Briefing with Admiral James Stavridis

· Board Engagement in Strategy with Jeffrey Cunningham, Editor-at-Large, Chief Executive Magazine and Peter Gleason, President and CEO of NACD

· Workforce of the Future with Professor Adam Grant

· The Rise of the Institutional Investor with William McNabb III, Chairman Vanguard

· Boardroom Diversity with Maxine Williams, Global Chief Diversity Officer at #Facebook

· Intimate Peer Group Exchanges to discuss the latest Audit, Nom & Gov and Comp Committee hot topics

Some of them shared their bookshelves with us and some what it's like to lead under Warren Buffet. A nice detail is that all the insight comes through a dialogue - there are no slides or pre-reading materials. Refreshing in today's age of information and board material overload!

If you are a director looking for a high quality conference with an audience of true peers, this is the place to be. Did I forget to mention the stunning location? I hope to see you there next time!


For more information about the conference, please see: https://boardleadership.kpmg.us/events/series/kpmg-board-leadership-conference.html

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