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How to build a powerful executive legacy from day 1


Once you have a clear, exciting vision of the long term footprint you would like to leave behind throughout your career, it is important to move into the action mode as soon as possible. Too often legacy remains in the domain of wishful thinking, something we leave for "less busy" days. Don't let this happen to you - make a small step forward every single day. This, in return, will give a special meaning to your daily job and will boost your sense of purpose in a workplace.

Here is a set of steps I propose for a successful legacy implementation:

|1| GET A COACH: A powerful coach can play an instrumental role in helping you define your legacy vision as well as ensuring it stays on top of your priority list by holding you accountable for the execution.

|2| CREATE A PLAN: Create clear and realistic plans for building your legacy. This is a long-term game that you will not succeed at unless you have a very solid short term action plan. What needs to happen in the next 3,6,12 months in order for you to get where you ideally want to get in two to three years from now? Be very specific and include KPIs whenever possible.

|3| GET BUY-IN: You will never success in leaving a legacy behind unless you have built a full army of supporters. Take time to generate buy-in and commitment from others to carry on the legacy.

|4| DEEPEN THE RELATIONSHIPS: Leaving a legacy and executing it requires commentate that goes over and beyond our daily jobs. Deepen your relationships at work so that they are based on a shared mission that goes beyond the regular business routine.

|5| ENJOY: Enjoy a peace of mind knowing that you took care of something that really mattered to you.

|6| MOVE ON! : Now that you know you took responsibility and left something truly meaningful behind, you are ready for your next move! Whether it is an executive position in a different company, a board service or founding your own charity organisation - you are ready! Experience full readiness to move on your next adventure thanks to a solid legacy plan you put in place and executed on.

Sustainability is a long game and it is those leaders who understand this whose businesses will be profitable, survive and thrive, while also having a positive impact on people and planet – and this is surely the ultimate legacy!

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