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Becoming a BEYONDER


Recently at the Coaching Association of the Columbia University in New York I had the pleasure to learn more about creating a BEYONDER organization from a very special teacher.

My teacher this time was Dr Kobus Neethling http://www.kobusneethling.co.za/. Dr Neethling is an award-winning, internationally renowned expert in the field of creativity and whole brain thinking. He was invited to train the staff of Nelson Mandela, just after he became the First President of a new Democratic South Africa on the topic of “The importance of Creativity and Innovation in a new South Africa”.

So what does it take to create an EXTRAORDINARY organisation ? Answer is simple: extraordinary people. Extraordinary people are people who operate from the place of possibility, not from the place of problems and issues. Extraordinary people are the ones able to get out of the negative, limited thinking (also called "below the line" thinking) to step into the ultimate creativity zone, i.e. the zone of BEYONDER.

According to Dr Neethling, creativity can be taught and learned. Or better said: re-taught and relearned. As children, we all had an extraordinary level of it. Following are some brain research results on the utilisation of creativity at a superior level:

- 98% of children at the age 0-3yrs

- 10% of teens; and

- shocking 2% of adults at the age of 25!!!

Creativity is very closely linked to agility. They are trained in particular by managing the way we think – how we identify closed and negative thinking with the aim of changing our thinking for better business culture and life improvement. Negative thinking limits growth and creativity - once a negative way of thinking has been established, it affects our ideas, perception of life, and attitude towards people and experiences. Over time, the process intensifies, leading to a constant state of "below the line" thinking, which reduces our ability to utilize our FULL BRAIN POWER and to reach our FULL POTENTIAL.

We all have the power to develop our creative selves by taking responsibility of our own way of thinking. Dr Neethling suggests to start by asking yourself:

"What was impossible last week that can become possible this week?"

Practice "above the line" thinking. Once the negative thinking cycle is broken, we start looking at the world from the possibility mode and step into the zone of unlimited possibility.

This is how the EXTRAORDINARY is born.